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Responsive Websites Design

Bad user experience affects SEO quite a lot. Engage our design experts with good command on popular development platforms, WordPress, Shopify & OpenCart and see the top increase in mobile traffic. We create, design or redesign your website for best user experience.

99% uptime Guarantee!

Page speed is one of the most important signal used by Google's algorithm to rank pages. Longer load times have also been shown to negatively affect conversions. Our SEO experts will optimize your website using best SEO practices with 99% uptime Guarantee!

Monthly SEO Reports

One of the most important ranking factors within Google is link building, but we hereby emphasize that this goes beyond simply arranging link references to your website. We aim for sustainable top results and therefore apply very strict quality requirements.

Organic SEO

The success of your website stands or falls with the right attention. With the help of SEOPractical you can be sure that your site is fully optimized according to Google guidelines. And you will notice that in the positioning of your website. We help you get more business from your website.

Local Business SEO

If your business does not appear in the top 3 of local search results or on Google and Bing Maps, you will miss out on a significant number of paying customers. We will optimize and optimize the local presence of your company through local keyword research, local competitor research, Google My Business Setup, Bing Local Setup and submissions from local business folders.

Content Optimization

That is ultimately what it's all about: content. People are looking on the internet for information, products, services, reviews, networks, contacts etc. We have a team of professional SEO writers who first determine your goal and targeted group through detailed keyword research. So the reader feels really addressed.

Optimize your Page Loading Time

The loading time of your website is one of the ranking factors for Google and therefore partly determines your position and findability in the most used search engine in the world! 

Many business owners and entrepreneurs do not consider the loading time of their website. If you have a website filled with all information, videos, images and links, but your your page loading time is more than 4 seconds, then you must be worried about it.

With our page loading time optimization services, we analyze web pages and implement our best SEOPractical formulas to improve the performance of your web pages. Guaranteed Results!




Structured Data / Schema Markup

Structured Data / schema markup is the most specific way to define google and other search engines what services your business offers.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store or it’s just a small business website offering services in your local area like roofing, plumbing, home assistance,, day-care, law-firm, etc. From restaurants to dentists, lawyers to affiliates, schema markup is a must.

Schema experts at SEOPractial provides the best schema markup so the search engine like Google can identify your business details for example: Business type, Contact Details, Services, Address, Service area, Product Reviews, pricing, availability, recipes and more.

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